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Asus: A Smartwatch You’ll Love

Watches have really made a comeback this year. With the technology smartwatches provide, it seems like some people are either into it or not.

And these days, almost every tech company is releasing some sort of smartwatch. Some actually quite hideous — to be frank.

But as far smartwatches go, the unisex Asus Zenwatch is one of the sleekest I’ve seen — and that includes Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s Apple-branded love child. The Asus is powered by Android Wear, it features a sharp AMOLED display covered by Gorilla Glass 3, a genuine leather watchband with a quick-release clasp, a Snapdragon processor, 4GB of onboard storage, a bio sensor for measuring steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, exercise intensity, and relaxation level, and over 100 possible watch face combinations to fit your look.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

It packs in many of the same specs I’ve seen in other smartwatches, but it does it all with an attractive stainless steel casing and a slim body. It’s one of the better looking smartwatches out there.

Until recently, smartwatches have really looked like well — smartwatches, resembling some sort of sci-fi wrist computer rather than things you’d want to wear every day. But the ZenWatch is for us “others”, the person who wants something that looks great and also provides great smartwatch capabilities.

Will 2015 bring even better smartwatches than the Asus ZenWatch? Almost definitely. But for the right here right now, it’s a solid pick. To purchase the ZenWatch, be sure to check out both BestBuy and RadioShack for the best deals!

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