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Clorinda Antinori

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Born in the Tuscan hills of Florence, Italy, CLORINDA ANTINORI is a family brand that designs and manufactures high quality Italian shoes.       The ANTINORI family has a heritage of more than 600 years creating the highest quality products in the Tuscan region. The story begins in the early 1300’s when the Antinori family creates its fortune in the silk trade and establishes itself as one of the leading banking families of Florence. During this period the Antinori’s buy and build Palazzos and Villas for the family in the heart of Florence and in the Tuscan hills surrounding the city of Florence. More so, the family establishes a heritage of utmost Italian sophistication and commitment to the Arts for the next 400 years to come. This is what CLORINDA ANTINORI continues to represent today. We are a brand committed to delivering the most sophisticated and highest quality Italian shoes in the market. We pride ourselves in our brand’s passion for quality and sophisticated fashion, as we work together to bring the best of Italian shoes to our customers.


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