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Anatomy of a Perfume Bottle

Did you know that each perfume bottle is uniquely designed to correlate with it’s own scent? Throughout history, fragrance bottles have developed a rich story

Nick Fouquet: A Mad Hatter

There is a lot of uncertainty as to the origin of the phrase “as mad as a hatter.” We are all familiar with Lewis Carroll’s

Best Street Fashion: Oakland

Just a hop over the bay from San Francisco sits Oakland, a multi-cultural hotspot for fashion firsts and trendsetters, specifically the area around Lake Merritt.

Fall Trend: Men’s-Inspired Look

Menswear as womenswear has been an on-going trend in fashion for quite some time. Remember Diane Keaton, the androgynous bohemian, opposite Woody Allen in Annie

Sunglass Obsession: The Right Fit

Quick, name one item you never leave home without. If you said sunglasses, you’re on the ball. Sunglasses, just as much as your hairstyle, purse