Kate McLeod

A pastry chef with dry skin, Kate tried using one of her favorite ingredients, cocoa butter, on her body. The results were transformational. But cocoa butter is rock hard in its natural state. Kate wondered if she could make it easier to apply without diluting its raw power as a solid. She thought about how she worked with chocolate, went into the kitchen, melted it down, and blended in luxurious oils. After years of perfecting the recipe, the Body Stone was born: a solid moisturizer that glides on like silk—without the sticky wax, preservatives, synthetics, or stabilizers traditionally used to make lotion bars. Kate’s innovative Stone-shaped solid moisturizers are waterless concentrates designed to intensely nourish the skin—a little goes a long way. By removing water from our formulas, we are able to create sustainable, plastic-free packaging and avoid some of the biggest culprits of waste in the beauty industry. This started in Kate’s kitchen, where synthetics are forbidden and quality reigns without compromise. Kate understands the beauty of simple, homemade recipes made from whole, good-for-you ingredients. Unlike most beauty founders, Kate formulates everything from scratch so she knows exactly what’s in it and how it’s going to work for you. She has personally hand poured thousands of Body Stones and is committed to staying as close to our production process as possible. She currently oversees our Hudson Valley workshop, which hand crafts her recipes with integrity, care, and love. At Kate McLeod, we keep our people and our processes close to home, employing local chefs, bakers, and makers to create products that are handmade just for you.


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