Although things have changed since the beginning, we are proud to be one of the few remaining privately owned and independent companies in the outdoor space. This has allowed us to stay true to our number one priority; provide our customers with the highest quality products. Remaining independently owned in such a competitive landscape is not just a choice, it is the core value of the entire business. It is a promise to everyone involved: customers, employees and the surrounding community that KÜHL will continue to forge our own path and follow our hearts. We will always choose the path of freedom and independence. KÜHL is here to inspire you to follow your true calling, true passions and support independents in all walks of life. We believe this all begins with great staff. Our entire team possesses the desire and passion to produce the best outdoor products on the market. Once in the hands of valued customers, it is our hope that their new purchase will ignite their passion for the Great Outdoors. We’re often asked, “Why doesn’t anything go on sale?” Our answer: KÜHL will never settle for second best. We source only the finest materials from environmentally conscious and ethically minded partners. In addition, our production facilities must also meet high standards in their practices and procedures. Finally, as an independent, fiscal responsibility is crucial to survival. KÜHL will not over-produce. Over production is a waste of working capital, resources, and is overall, environmentally unsound. We make a great product for a fair price. If ethics were profitable all businesses would have them. We believe that we are defined by our actions. As an independently owned company our definition of success is different. Our goal is simple: employ and partner with great people, source responsibly, and provide a higher quality of living for all involved to make the best damn products. We want to give you the opportunity to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination.


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