Zadig & Voltaire

Founded in Paris in 1997, Zadig&Voltaire is a defiantly contemporary designer brand that writes its own rules for its luxury products, forging the unique character of the brand. Faithful to the French spirit of freedom that it proudly represents, Zadig looks to the world of contemporary art for inspiration and offers a style that conditions neither mind nor body. It is quite simply effortless. This timeless style is born from the contrast between softness and strength, audacity and nonchalance and an encounter between masculinity and femininity. What seemed antagonistic becomes inextricably linked. Zadig&Voltaire perpetuates a tradition of elegance while choosing to encourage uniqueness, no matter what. This philosophy guarantees complete sincerity and authenticity. It is what turns the Zadig&Voltaire shopping experience into a human experience. The brand’s stores are a space for experimenting, where Zadig Stylers have just one goal: to find what suits the customer, makes them look fabulous and feel like themselves. Zadig&Voltaire’s incomparable style isn’t a given, it has to be cultivated, like a talent or a passion.


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