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On Trend: How to Dress for a Snowstorm

With the current drop in temperatures all over the country, winter is officially upon us. In an effort to sustain these weather conditions in style, we’ve put together a guide for dressing in severe weather conditions.

We all know that several layers of clothing conserve more body heat. WIth that being said, let’s begin with the basics of layering for the chillest time of the year.


Begin with a foundation to build on. Thermal long sleeves and leggings are the perfect way to start. You can also find amazing fleece lined leegings or tights if you want that extra cozy boost. Next, try one to two more layers of lightweight cotton or cotton blend for your top. Like a flannel or woven button down. This will help give you a stylistic touch.


When it comes to wool, choose a wool-blend. Pure wool can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. To add to the layering, choose a thin sweater made of cotton, cotton blends, wool-blend or cashmere. Pull overs are a great way to pull together your a look with your collard shirt. Also, cardigans with buttons or snaps do just well for when you want to take off your coat. Since this is the last layer before your coat, try adding a print, texture or a pop of color to enhance your look.

The Pant

For your bottoms, you’ll want to opt for a denim, wool or corduroy pant to layer ontop of your leggings or tights. For a more fashion forward look, try a faux leather pant. Because faux leather pants are made from polyurethane, they’ll keep you extra warm and cozy, plus they are water resistant.  

Socks and Shoes

Believe it or not, frostbite is more common than you think. Cold or wet feet exposed for even just 30 minutes in extreme weather can result in frostbite. With that being said, your feet are of utmost importance. Use extra warm, wool-blend socks and make sure they are long enough. Waterproof boots are key, especially when you are walking in snow. Try wearing boots with large treads. They can be leather, faux leather or rubber boots just make sure the soles are sturdy enough to keep you from slipping and sliding in the snow.

The Coat

Breathing in cold air can be dangerous for your lungs, so the coat is one of the most important aspects of layering for the cold season. Before adding your coat, you can wrap your neck with a scarf in either cotton, fleece or cashmere material. For intense weather, wrap the scary high enough to cover your mouth. A heavy winter coat, best if made from down, will be the easiest way to stand out in a crowd. Try in black or grey. If you are more comfortable in neutrals, try a navy or camel wool coat. If you are a little more daring, try a coat in red, coral or cobalt. Use a hooded coat for maximum coverage and warmth.

The Hat

You can nearly lose nearly half of your body heat through your head. A beanie or thick hat that covers your ears will be your best bet for beating the outdoor chill.


Did you know mittens actually generate more heat than gloves? Although gloves offer dexterity, choose mittens if the weather is in the freezing temperatures, becaue when fingers are bundles together they create more heat.


During the day, a good pair of sunglasses can be a lifesaver in the snow. The snow can be extraordinarily blinding when the sun is out. So opt for a nice pair of polarized shades if you can.

It can be frustrating to maintain a “look” when braving the cold, but by adding just a few shades of color, print or accessories along these layers, can do absolute wonders. Even just adding a pop of lip color can do the trick. So for those of you daring the snowiest of days, we salute you for getting out there and making it look stylish and simple.

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