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The At Home Classic Manicure

Skip the time-consuming and costly trips to the salon and perfectly polish your nails at home. With the right equipment, your favorite polish color and some serious patience, you can create salon-quality styles while saving major cash. With that extra savings, go splurge on some flashy new rings to show off your well-manicured nails.
We took some tips from the team over at Chanel to give you a long-lasting and perfect finish.


Start by carefully filing the nails. Follow the opposite shape of the base of the nail.


Moisturize and soften the hands. You can try the Nourishing and Rejuvenating Hand Cream. Be sure to work in the cream into the base of the nails.

(Photo courtesy of Chanel)


Very careful begin by pushing back the cuticles with a cotton topped stick.

(Photo courtesy of Chanel)


Remove and grease and residue by taking nail polish remover to each nail. And follow with a coat of LA BASE Protective and Smoothing.


Apply an entire coat of LE VERNIS Longwear Nail Colour. Then, without waiting for the first coat to dry – Apply a second coat.

(Photo courtesy of Chanel)


Remove any excess polish with a thin brush soaked in nail polish remover.


Finally apply a generous coat of LE GEL COAT Longwear Top Coat.


Once the nail polish is dry, apply a HYDRA BEAUTY Nourishing Lip Care Balm around the nails to refine the manicure.

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