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The Latest Brow Products

They say eyes are the windows to your soul, but really, it’s your brows that do all the talking. When you discover your lipstick didn’t smear during lunch, they’re lifted in pleasant surprise. Or if you find your mascara starts flaking, then they’re furrowed in disappointment. Either way, your eyebrows are key to reading your mood. Since they’re such a focal point, it’s pretty important they look their best during all your waking hours. To keep them on point, we are going to introduce you to five fresh new products.

To add dimension and a shiny finish…

TRY: Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss Stick

The glossy finish you love on your lips is now available for your brows. The first-ever gloss pencil by Smashbox lets you add depth and dimension with pillowy slick texture. After defining your brows with the built-in spoolie, glide the stick in your shade from root to tail to create the look you want.

TIP: To create soft, feathery, hair-like strokes, just hold the pencil farther back.

For sweat- and waterproof…

TRY: Touch In Sol Brow Gellin Gel Eyebrow Styler

Korean beauty isn’t just revolutionary in skin care, and this product proves it. The applicator has everything you need in one easy stick, so you’re not fumbling with a brush, wax pot, and separate powder. Instead, untwist the bottom portion to unveil the wax formula, and simply dip the angled brush head in and start lining your brows. They’re available in three shades with some pretty familiar and friend-ly names: Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica. The waterproof formula means you could to go the most tropical location on Earth and not have to worry about reapplying.

TIP: Dab the built-in brush onto a tissue first—it prevents the product from depositing all at once.

For that 24-hour hold…

TRY: Yves Saint Laurent Couture Brow

We love the look of full brows, but when they’re left unkempt they appear more bushy than bold. Enter YSL’s Couture Brow. Its mascara-like wand sets your hairs in their right place, and the gel locks them in shape for a precise, chiseled effect. The formula comes in semi-opaque pigments for a natural-looking finish.

TIP: Bulk up patchy brows by applying against the hair growth pattern.

For an extra thickening effect…

TRY: SEPHORA Collection Brow Thickener

Have you gone on one too many dates with your tweezer? It happens to the best of us. This magical product volumizes and fills in thin, sparse brows with its foam-textured wand.

TIP: For heavier coverage, apply the wand with a firm hand—but for lighter coverage, press gently.

For a natural, mineral-based formula…

TRY: Ecobrow Defining Wax

Who doesn’t want natural-looking, red carpet–worthy brows? Ecobrow’s Defining Wax is inspired by the starlets of the silver screen with colors named Marilyn, Rita, and Penelope. The wax formula is chock full of minerals that nourish your hair fibers, plus vitamin E. Isn’t it time your brows stole the show? Ecobrow certainly thinks so.

TIP: Warm the product on the back of the hand to make it spread more evenly.

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