Crosty Shoes

CROSTY is a designer sneaker brand born in Georgia (country) Founded by brothers George and Shota Mikaia, the brand was born out of conflict that stripped brothers of their own freedom. For years, the country struggled with wars, with few areas worst hit then the brothers’ home region of Abkhazia in the northwest. To be Georgian was to know struggle and hardship. To this day, brothers are not free to go back to their birthplace. Still, the brothers are proud of their heritage. Like their forefathers, they want to once again write their own script. One that allowed them to express themselves through their own values and those of their country. Creativity. Acceptance. Progress. Freedom. At CROSTY, we believe that true freedom comes from being limitless. Making our own path. Writing our own script. Being masters of our own fate. We don’t just make sneakers – we INSPIRE FREEDOM.


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