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After receiving requests from a select few friends, Walter constructed some custom boat shorts using the same canvas he constructed his boat covers from. While impressed with the short’s design, Walter chose to continue his focus on the canvas boat covers. When one day, a local teen walked into the shop requesting a new kind of short made specifically for surfing. The young surfer explained his struggles with surfing in cut-off jeans, and how the denim threads would quickly break, leaving him nearly nude when exiting the water. This determined teenager’s name was Corky Carroll, who unbeknownst to Walter, would go on to be one of the world’s first professional surfers. The custom surf trunks Walter made for Corky would become one of California’s first pair of surf trunks. Word soon spread of the trunks durability and the shop was soon flooded with young surfers wanting a pair. Overwhelmed with the demand, Walter sought the help of Sato Hughes, a skillful local seamstress. Having been born by the beach and raised along the California coast, Katin remains a staple of Southern California culture. Several trunks and summers later, Katin continues to take pride in its title as California’s first brand to make surf trunks, and continues its commitment to Quality, Durability, and Good Looks. See you out there!


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