We’re AndrĂ©e and Rashad, founders of RYZE, and we’re here for a very simple reason: we want to feel amazing every single day. To wake up excited, purposeful, and ready to tackle whatever life throws us. We want to feel this way, and we want you to feel this way, too. The idea for RYZE sparked years ago when we were undergrads at Harvard. In those days, we were stressed and not treating our bodies or minds well, and hand-in-hand with that went our heavy coffee consumption. As we got older, this habit continued into our professional careers, and our mornings were as good as gone. We’d wake up feeling tired and unexcited, a bit dead inside, and needing another (and another) cup of coffee just to get us to the end of the day. Soon we started thinking about how we could turn this around. In our search, we stumbled upon the amazing power of medicinal mushrooms. We mixed them into our coffee and experimented endlessly. Soon we landed on the daily ritual that made us feel better, think better, and do better. Success begins each morning. RYZE is here to open that door for you. Welcome to your new morning ritual.


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