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10 Things to Chuck When Turning 30

You just turned 30 or you are almost there. Which means you’re a proper grown-up now. Work’s going alright; you can finally afford not to live on a diet consisting solely of ramen noodles, but you’re certainly no baller. Everything about your worldview becomes a bit more mature, and this means your style must evolve along with it.

But how to walk the tightrope that is post-twenties dressing without looking like an over-the-hill has-been, or worse – a textbook case of early mid-life crisis? While most of this happens to us naturally, we all have those pieces that must be tossed.

Rather than domineeringly telling you exactly what to wear now that you’re approaching proper womanhood, let’s run down some of the items that you categorically shouldn’t be wearing. Even if you do feel young at heart.

Turning 30 needn’t mean joint bank accounts, mortgages and desperately convincing yourself staying in is the new going out. But it does mean smartening your act up a little.

What would you toss as you bid farewell to your twenties? Any tips on how to best dress your age?

Drop your thoughts below.


They had their moment in your early twenties and teens, but as we gals mature so do our bodies. Toss them out and instead reach for a pair of high-waisted trousers or slouchy boyfriend jeans.


At some point circa 2005, beanies went from Usher-tight to oversized. A slouchy beanie makes every outfit instantly sloppier. Instead try a snug-fitting cable or waffle-knit beanie.


To clairfy, repping that niche vintage jazz or electronic band you saw in San Fran is all good and well; but insisting on wearing that tired, misshapen Green Day T-shirt is immature.


There are certain shoe styles completely inappropriate for women in their 30s to wear; saddle shoes and flat Mary Janes fall on the list. They just look a bit immature and creepy on women past a certain age—instead, reach for a sleek pair of slip-on flats.


We get it—your old sneaks have been with you through thick and thin, and you have a very soft spot in your heart for them. But they’re probably falling apart to a point of no return, and as such – you should toss them. Instead, get yourself a pair of pre-distressed sneakers.


This should be an obvious one, but past the age of 30 – these are a resounding “No no!” Instead try a slinky camisole.


Once you’ve put a good eight to ten years between yourself and your sorority days, it’s time to lay these bad boys to rest. Instead opt for a graphic sweatshirt.


There’s absolutely no place for a denim skort in a grownup’s wardrobe. Period. Instead, try a modern leather high-waisted skirt.


The only folks who can get away with wearing novelty headbands are 22-year-old girls at Coachella. Try out an embellished more sophisticated headband instead.


These aren’t really appropriate for any occasion an adult woman would find herself in, so it’s time to hang them up—for good. Instead, wear a feminine full skirt.

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