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Spring Cleaning Tips from Pottery Barn

There’s something about the weather turning warm that makes us want to throw open all the windows, scrub the floors and give our home a fresh start. Spring cleaning is an instinct for many of us — but where to begin? Here are some organization ideas from Pottery Barn.

Clean up that entry way. Try the Samantha Entryway Bench to help store items needed for out-the-door excursions. It helps bring order to busy entryways with a well-designed system that’s expertly constructed for years of everyday use. It’s built with spacious cubbies that provide stylish storage for shoes, magazines and athletic gear.

Set aside a spot for your pets. We love the Cambria Dinnerware to help store your pet’s food while also looking great in the kitchen. And for your pup’s toys and leases, try the charming bone-shaped Doggie Toy Basket.

Stop the paper flow at the front door. Add the Daytrip Lidded Basket to store magazines, mail and anything else that adds clutter to the front door space.

Organize your kitchen space. “Keep things that you’ll actually cook with close to you. Try the Spice Jars, Cask Crocks and Cambria Cansiters to keep cooking tools and other essentials that you use often right at hand.

Clear your countertops. The Daily System is a great way to get papers up off horizontal surfaces and up on the wall. It’s an instant visual reminder! Each family member can have their own file bin or pin board — plus, it comes with a stand for phones and iPads!

Keep small appliances out of storage. Having appliances on hand reminds you of what you have. When things are out of sight they’re out of mind. Get the most out of your appliances by putting them out on display with the Gabrielle Organization System.

Organize your outdoor spaces. The Torrey All Weather Wicker Cube can keep all of our big outdoor items on your porch or patio safe from weather damage. Have fun with organization! We love the Cafe Chalkboard – the perfect way to let dinners guests know what’s on the menu!

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