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The Art of Making a Fashion Statement

the crowd. But not all of us want those tacky brights and sparkles, nor should everyone be able to pull those off. So, in celebration of our style differences, we’ve tracked down the pieces and looks that will make a statement whatever your style…

The Modern Chic

The Look: An elegant upgrade on the traditional Jackie O, the modern chic’s expertise with color and texture makes her stand out in a crowd. Embracing Chanel’s rule of: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

The Icons: Jackie Kennedy, Carla Bruni, Audrey Tautou,  Diane Keaton

The Pieces: Camel wool coat, sweaters,  feminine booties, dress shirts with interesting details, clean trousers or skirts, simple accessories.

The Rule Breaker

The Look: Wilfully ignoring sartorial conventions and laughing in the face of laws, the rule breaker embraces clashing patterns and off-beat silhouettes, wearing his rebellious streak on her sleeve.

The Icons: Madonna, Jean Seberg, Twiggy, Debbie Harry

The Pieces: Printed trousers, leather jackets,  anything tartan, chunky buckled boots, jazzy socks, slogan t-shirts, colorful knitwear and fedoras or loud hats.

The Night Beauty

The Look: Directional but not loud, the night beauty’s wardrobe weapons are dramatic shapes and moody details. Intense but effortless in top to toe black ensembles, she lets his clothes do the talking so he doesn’t have to.

The Icons: Louise Brooks, Morticia Addams, Marianne Faithfull, Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Lanphear

The Pieces: Anything Rick Owens, draped knitwear, leather jackets and trousers, structured coats and jackets, tunic tops, capes, dramatic scarves.

The Ultra Feminine

The Look: There’s no mistaking this girl’s playful whimsical side. Her pieces are girlishly and romantic, from white lace to winsome blooms.

The Icons: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly

The Pieces: Flowy skirts and trousers, light blouses, bold accessories, jeweled neck pieces, girly flats or sandals.

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