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Work Week Style Hacks

Ah, Mondays. The quintessential day of work that actually ends up being the most dreaded day of the week. When your brain’s operating on fun mode, the last thing you want to do is think about what how you are going to pull your work outfit together. That’s why we’re sharing a few hacks that will offer you a few more minutes under those sheets. Here are five style hacks so that you can let your mind rest at ease on Monday mornings…

Pick Outfits The Night Before.

We’re hailing back to middle school days when Mom would tell us to pick our clothes before going to bed, but there’s a reason she was always right! Think of some fun ways to pair the essentials you already have in your wardrobe. Whether combining a turtleneck under a dress, or adding a pair of patterned tights to an outfit, play around with your ideas for 30 minutes on Sunday night — this’ll lead to more sleep (and sanity) come Monday morning.

Organize Closet In Order of Outfit.

This requires a bit more effort initially; however, you’ll be so happy you did it once you do. Categorize tees with denim, skirts with blouses, and dresses with jackets. You can even hang them both on one hanger, which will visually allow you to see what’s working and not working. Doing this lends you the flexibility to grab-n-go your outfit with practically no thought attached. You will feel polished, styled, and ready to take on the workweek.

Double-Dip Outfits.

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but who says what you wore to Sunday brunch can’t also be worn Monday morning to the office? Adding a pencil skirt, or subtracting the baseball cap will offer you a surefire outfit you’ll feel great in. No one has to ever know you wore it yesterday!

Decide on Go-To’s.

We all have them — our favorite tees, dresses, and boots that not only have us feeling great, but are so comfortable we could practically sleep in them. Organize your closet in terms of these essential items — so when (Monday) morning gets tough and clothes are flying around the room, you can easily resort to your old stand-by.

Dress Last.

Do everything you can in your jammies — coffee, makeup, email, hair … everything — as you’re getting ready. There’s something relaxing about starting your morning in your jammies (or robe) and doing everything one at a time until the last bit of clothing comes into play. This trick helps also with guaranteeing that no makeup residue gets on your beloved outfit.

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