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Celebrity Hairstylist: Sacha Breuer

I’ll admit— chopping your locks is not for the faint of heart, but even more alarming is trying to find the right hairstylist for the job. Especially, one that knows how to use a pair of shears!

Meet Sacha Breuer, born in Germany to parents who were both prominent hairdressers. At a very young age, he made the move from Germany to London, determined to develop his talent in the big city.

Sacha’s career quickly blossomed into a global career working with magazines such as Vogue, Numéro, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. His celebrity clientele is anything but ordinary and includes Eva Herizgova, Elle McPherson, Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall, Tori Amos, The Chemical Brothers, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Eva Green, Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée – Crown Princess of Sweden.

Breuer typically spends most of his time each year traveling to New York, Los Angeles, London and even interesting places like Dubai. “Exploring the potential of expressive hair styling has never been so prevalent or exciting. My travels to these style capitals gave me an inspirational landscape to create styles which are individual and unique, yet remain globally relevant…you can imagine beautiful women wearing these styles anywhere in the world, be it Dubai, Moscow or Sao Paulo.” says Breuer

One of Sacha’s well known haircuts was done in January of 2013, when he decided to chop off almost all of Anne Hathaway’s locks for the Les Miserable’s world premiere. He styled Anne Hathaway’s pixie with long, side-swept bangs, framing her oval face. And if you ask me— It’s my favorite look on her! Breuer goes over the process of how he got that perfect edgy stylized pixie cut to look runway perfect.

Step 1: He blow-dried her hair and shaped it slightly with his hands, after spraying a little bit of Wella SP Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray ($18,Sally Beauty Salon) for added “gut.”

Step 2: Once the hair was completely dry, he used a ceramic straightener on individual sections to enhance the hair.

Step 3: He then misted a little bit of hairspray directly on his fingers and defined single strands without weighing the hair down. “his way, the spray stays on really light and will allow your hair to look and feel natural, even though it has a strong hold level.

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