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Style Lessons from Wise Women

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s best-dressed women aren’t in the first flush of youth. They might have gained a wrinkle or two, and even put on a pound or two. But where, in style terms, does that confidence come from? Is it the fact that older women are more likely to wear well-made tailored clothes? Is it the confident way they use color?

Perhaps it’s none of these things, and instead it’s down to personality and the quiet sense of self that builds as the years accumulate. Because the women in these images have something special, something that goes beyond the color combinations they put together. In some cases, it’s simply a sense of confidence; in others, a twinkle in the eyes. Fine clothes are necessary, but not sufficient. If you want to dress like a master rather than a mannequin, it’s vital to be at ease with yourself, and to allow your inner spirit to shine through. Although an extensive wardrobe full of beautifully tailored clothes certainly helps.

Much like any other aspect of life (cooking, love, money, and so on) turning to those that have seen and experienced more than yourself for advice is a wise choice.

Jenna Lyons : 46 year old Creative Director and President of J.Crew, is kind of our idol.

Style Advice: Don’t play by the fashion rules: Don’t like heels? Don’t wear them!  “There’s nothing more unattractive than someone in heels that are causing them pain. I believe in looking happy.”

Anna Dello Russo : 53 year old  Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan.

Style Advice: Don’t be literal! Add a twist to your look.

Catherine Summers : a 43-year-old, British ex-London fashion blogger resident now living with her husband in a little town house in Devon, South West England.

Style Advice : She opposes the term “age appropriate” and encourages the term “occasion appropriate” instead. She believes that women of all ages should wear things they like, what suits them, and what is appropriate to the occasion. She encourage women to be fabulous at any age!

Lauren Hutton : 72 year old American model and actress. Hutton notably appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine on 28 different occasions and earned more than any other model within a decade-long period

Style Advice: “You never want to look like you’ve spent too much time getting dressed,” she says. “It’s better to look as if you’ve just thrown something on rather than prissed everything up. I like when things are slightly off-kilter, asymmetrical and a little messed up.”

Linda Fargo: Senior Vice President of the fashion office and the director of women ‘s fashion and store presentation of the Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York City.

Style Advice: As they say, not only does money not buy you happiness — it can’t buy you that thing called “style,” either. Style requires confidence, the ability to not look back in the mirror, an ability to judge what suits who you are, and the vision to believe that beauty can be found anywhere. I know women who always look unique and have somehow developed a signature without visibly overspending.

Beatrix Ost: Age 76, an artist, film and theater producer, designer, actress, and writer. She is originally from Germany, but currently residences in btoh New York and Charlottesville, VA

Style Advice: “Fashion comes from within.” “I think I’m at ease with myself, and my love for fashion is my body art.”

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