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5 Ways to Reinvent Your Style on a Budget

Perhaps, as the new year approaches, you feel the urge to smarten up? Or maybe you’re just ready to try something new? Either way, now’s the perfect time to consider a change.

But while it’s easy to overhaul your look with a budget like Rihanna’s and a personal stylist on speed dial, how can you make tweaks if your bank account has seen better days. Check out these tips and hacks for an inexpensive route to looking on-point.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Saving money means being wise about what you invest in, so it’s time to invoke some classic money saving rules before diving into your new wardrobe.

Firstly, if you’re not 100 per cent sure about an item, put it aside, think about it and come back after 30 days to see if you can’t live without it. Secondly, ask yourself two questions: do you really need it, and will it actually help switch up your style?

Pinterest is especially useful too: a place where you can virtually store items for your wardrobe reinvention and visualize how they’ll work together. As you browse online, pin everything you want for your new look and if you’ve got 20 tops and a single pair of jeans, you might realize where you’ve been going wrong in the past.

Step 2: Switch Up Your Beauty Routine

Often the most stylish women aren’t the ones wearing the coolest clothes but those who have an aesthetic signature, like a trademark hairstyle color or an awesome eyeliner look. Plus, this is a tweak that could even be free.

Try changing up that hair style, even if you don’t think you have the ‘right’ look for it; you can really surprise yourself if you are willing to take some risks. Similarly, toning down that makeup if you over do it usually or try getting clever with trying out different shades of lipsticks.

Other subtle changes you can make include going for a shorter haircut, cutting your bangs for a little edgier fringe, filling in those eyebrows, and trying out a new nail polish –  a small but effective tweak that’ll instantly elevate your overall appearance.

Step 3: Know the Brands That Suit You

Thrillingly, reinventing your look on a budget is about avoiding crazy financial risks. Part of that? Knowing the brands that suit you. If you’re already happy with the fit of a t-shirt or a particular skirt hem, then chances are you can return to where you got them for a successful rerun.

Topshop and Mango are great for those who prefer a more edgier look, while still being able to be on the more affordable side.

Gap and J.Crew, meanwhile, are better for basics; if you’re a fan of their classic t-shirts and jeans, try switching things up with the same styles in colors you wouldn’t normally consider.

Step 4: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

The most stylish women are those with simple wardrobes that somehow always look fresh because of the way they style things, or the accessories they use to accent their looks.

Try jewelry – if you usually don’t wear much jewelry, how about adding some rings and a necklace to enhance your wardrobe? If you usually have your hair pulled back in a bun – why not try opting for a hat on your more casual days?

Step 5: Shop Second-Hand

If you’re not already familiar with second-hand stores (Modcloth or Etsy), then, frankly, what are you waiting for? These are often some of the best places to score an entire new wardrobe at a snip.

Online marketplace eBay is the biggest of them all, and one of the great perks is that people often clear out their whole closet at this time of year, meaning if there’s someone whose style you admire, you can sweep up their carefully curated wardrobe.

Alternatively, if you love a certain designer and want to buy into their aesthetic, sample sales are a goldmine. Most designer labels do them, twice a year towards the end of the season, with discounts of up to 90 per cent off .

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