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How To Organize Your Closet

There’s little point in owning the latest bag or dress if you can’t find it in your closet when you’re getting dressed. A clean, well-organized wardrobe—instead of a confusing, jumbled mess of clothes and accessories—means you’ll maximize all your sartorial purchases, and come up with polished, carefully considered outfits even on hectic mornings. The task of de-cluttering your wardrobe can be overwhelming though, so we’ve enlisted the expertise of The Container store to help us get our closets in check!

Step #1: Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes.

It might not be easy, but tossing out or donating old clothes is key to making room in your closet. If it’s two sizes too small or two sizes too big, get rid of it. It’s time to buy new clothes. Ask yourself if you’d buy this item today, or if it has a sentimental factor that warrants storage.

Step #2: Call The Pros—Or Find Your Own Storage Solutions.

If you’re interested in hiring professional help to organize your closet, it may be more affordable than you think. The container store has pros that can help you get your closet organized around your budget. The Container Store and provides some excellent items. Use Tubular Hangers; your clothes won’t fall off and they give you twice the space of wood and plastic.”

Step #3: Start Organizing.

How do you organize sweaters versus lingerie or shoes vs. jeans? There are different solutions for each, so check out how you can start de-cluttering your closet.


If you have the space to hang everything, hang everything! You’ll wear more if you can see it.


Fold the  heavy sweaters so they don’t lose shape on the hanger.


There are a number of ways organize your jeans—by cut, brand, color, style, size, or none of the above. Some people tend to go by colo. Hang by the hem and organize by dark to light denim!


A trick for hanging pants, skirts, and shorts? Hang them using clips and fold in the sides so the outside of the garment isn’t marked by the clips. This also makes everything look uniform on the hanger and gives it a cleaner side profile in your closet.” Try the Trouser clamps and Skirt hangers.


For dresses, hang them by color rather than length.


It’s hard to change out bags if you can’t see them. They don’t generally get damaged out of their dust bags, so enjoy the view. Scarves folded in piles by color and material works best, and makes it easy to pull one out without ruining the organization of the rest. For hats, I love hat boxes. Take uniform photos of the hats and glue them to the outside of the boxes. Or my favorite, make a hat wall by hanging them on a wall for decoration and to show off your goods. Try the Scarf hanger and the Handbag Cubby.


Get a proper rack or hanging shoe storage so your shoes can be on display like the 36-pair overdoor shoe rack or a minimal shoe cubby. Always hide tennis shoes and flip-flops in the least seen place.


Organize by color, size, and type. Make sure to rotate your bras and underwear so you’re not wearing the same few all of the time.

JewelryWe love a built-in drawer in one’s closet or dresser in order to keep things neat and uncluttered. Or maybe it’s time to invest in a jewelry box to keep your precious pieces safe and sound.

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