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Style Resolutions for 2016

With the start of another year comes the ever-looming pressure to make resolutions. Unfortunately, those little commitments to self-growth have gained an intimidating reputation. It’s as though a new year means that we must reverse all bad habits for the promise of new beginning—a new you.

Here at Brandzaffair, we like to think of New Year’s as an opportunity to become yourself—even more. So rather than fixating on that gym membership or reinventing ourselves with an entirely new wardrobe, we are making style resolutions that celebrate and highlight exactly who we have been, all along.

Buy Less, Buy Clever

This first resolution isn’t so much a pearl of wisdom as plain common sense. Before you even think about investing in the latest trend in early 2016, decided  whether or not you’ve covered your basics first.

Buy the jeans that will go with everything, or the blouse that can be dressed up or down, and don’t be afraid to splurge on them either. They’ll last longer and you can wear them with practically everything.

Dress For Your Age

We’ve all cringed at certain people’s peculiar inability to reconcile their actual age with an age-appropriate wardrobe. But sometimes we are often no better. And whether in the grip of a midlife crisis or a misguided attempt at looking mature, our wardrobes often end up being the giveaway.

Dress according to your decade. In your twenties, it’s still acceptable to experiment. In your thirties, it’s important to begin dressing like you’re a grown-up (even if your life choices to date say something else). In your forties, you should consider putting your rebellious days behind you (no slashed denim and studded leather jackets please). And in your fifties, recognize that the fit of your clothes is just as important as how comfortable they are.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what age a women is – she can still look sharp and on top of her sartorial game.

Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Type

Flattering your body shape and skin tone will never go out of style because in doing so you will be dressing to your own advantage. This year, choose clothes that enhance your best features. Maybe there’s a scarf that makes your eyes sparkle or a waist-cinching dress that highlights your feminine curves. When you understand your body, shopping for it becomes less of a struggle. Plus, wearing clothes and colors that flatter your body is a great self-esteem booster—how else should you spend 2016, if not in confidence?

Accessorize All Areas

Yes, you may look well put together, but without a spark of originality, you risk blending in with the rest of them.

Make 2016 the year you invest in accessories. The appeal of accessories is that you can choose a level of commitment that suits you. Tentatively show off your originality with a patterned scarf. Feeling braver? Add a few points of difference to the cut of your jeans or jackets.

In short, it’s an easy way to upgrade your look without breaking the bank.

Give Yourself Time

We’ve all felt that sting of resentment when rushing to get to work on time in the morning. If only we had woken up a little earlier or done the laundry like we were supposed to. Instead of mentally beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t do, make an effort to plan your outfits in advance. Laying out your clothes or just simply knowing what you’re going to wear the next day drastically reduces getting-ready time. Plus, frantically rummaging through your closet in the morning is a sure way to end up with an outfit you don’t care for. If you make it a habit to plan your outfits in advance, you will avoid that dazed “What was I thinking?!” mid-morning crisis.

Let Go of Old Clothes

It may be January, but it’s a great idea to do your spring cleaning early—and start in your closet. Donate clothes you didn’t wear in 2015, and throw out those tattered tees and ratty old gym sneakers. By prioritizing the clothes you love, you won’t be bogged down with unnecessary items that take up precious space. Dressing will also become easier when you’re only working with clothes you know you want to wear. Narrowing your wardrobe down to the items you really need and love will help you let go of all the unnecessary clothes clogging up your closet.

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