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Rainwear Style Guide

No matter where you reside, dressing for wet weather is a skill that’s surprisingly hard to master.

Most women fall into one of two categories. There are those who put function first, making style play second to staying dry. For them, a solid North Face jacket is the only tool for the job. The problem? They will stay as dry as a bone but it won’t look remotely stylish anywhere outside a hiking spot.

Then there are the diehard aesthetes, the ladies who’d rather tread a mile in heels than sacrifice even so much as a droplet of style. For them, looking stylish beats hypothermia. The problem? Hypothermia.

No longer shall women be forced to choose between fashion and function, between warmth and well-dressed. Our guide to rainwear will key you in on all the facts, brands and styling know-how to give even the deadliest of downpours a run your money.

The Waterproof Raincoat

Right now a whole host of designers are combining science with up-to-date style, with the weather-worn (but design-savvy) Scandinavians leading the charge. We have stepped further away from the notion that raincoats are supposed to keep you dry and that’s it. For us, it’s a piece that adds an element of style to your wardrobe.

It’s this best-of-both-worlds design you should bear in mind when buying. Check your prospective purchase’s specs; waterproof is a must for a raincoat (bonus points for heat-bonded seams), as is a sleek and slim cut.

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Mountain Hardwear

Waterproof Footwear

Swap your leather and canvas styles for footwear that fuses protection with on-point design. You can never go wrong with Hunter Wellington boots. But, there are a lot of brands making a comeback and designing some fascinating silhouettes. Like Converse and Nike sneakerboots, which combine classic streetwear silhouettes with uppers and soles made of stronger stuff. Or Sorel’s Cheyanne duck boots constructed from leather and vulcanised rubber and lined with toasty Thinsulate.




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