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Secrets for: Glowing Winter Skin

Let’s face it, good skin is always in season! For winter, it is all about keeping skin from appearing dull and flaky. Achieving that desirable glow can be done in two simple ways: makeup and/or skincare.

Having a good-solid skincare regimen is always the easiest way to get your skin glowing. Choosing a gentle exfoliator and the right peel is important to help clear away those dark spots that are caused by the sun. Easiest tip to remember this winter: exfoliate and choose a heavier moisturizer. Scientifically speaking, once your skin is smooth from exfoliating it will naturally reflect more light. Exfoliation will also help aid the processes of skin cell turnover that we all begin to lose as we start to age. Enhance your skincare regime by using a vitamin C, which has a natural brightening and antioxidant quality. During the winter, again make sure to choose a more nourishing and heavier moisturizer. Another one of my favorite tricks is to use a good face oil-one that can keep wind-ravaged skin from chapping. Try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for a magical mix of pure essential oils to replenish moisture-depleted skin while you sleep. And last but not least, drink a lot of water. Make sure before you leave the house for the day to grab your go-to water bottle and refill throughout the day for continuous hydration. Drinking plenty of water will help aid in getting rid of dull skin.

Another great way to get a radiant complexion is by faking it. Use illuminating foundation to give your skin that dewy finish or a BB cream, which has a very light formula with moisturizing properties. For people with oily skin who enjoy wearing that matte longwear finish foundation, there are other options. First option is to use a highlighter. With the increasingly popular technique of highlighting and contouring, the cosmetic market is booming with a variety of highlighter variations. Highlighters contain light-reflecting particles that give the illusion that your skin is glowing. Cream-based highlighters help you control the placement of where you want to attract light – upper cheeks, center of your nose and a dot on your forehead and chin. Try Lancome’s Blush Subtil Duo with Creme Highlighter. Glow maximizing primers can also help your makeup stay in place while providing an all over glow. Radiant booster concealers can also help conceal undereye circles, the lightweight texture will keep it from sitting in those pesky lines and wrinkles. Choose gold highlighters for olive and darker undertones, and for those with pale skin, opt for an opalescent shade.

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