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What to Wear on a Second Interview

This outfit is even more important than your first interview outfit. Of course it’s your personality and skills that really matter, but your appearance is often what your interviewer will notice first—and it can go a long way in showing her that you’re ambitious, professional, and most importantly, a great fit for the company.

You’ll want to consider the culture of the place you’re applying before you pick out your ensemble. Sometimes, the second interview is a chance to make your appearance even more outstanding!


Depending on the job title, some corporate jobs enable you to dress it down a little more for the second interview. Unless the company’s employees wear suits every day, you can skip the jacket after the first interview—just make sure you’re still dressed a couple of notches above everyone else.

The best thing to do, is to act as if you are starting your job that day, but dress it up a bit more. A statement necklace, a crispy blouse, a good bag and some polished boots or pumps will do the trick.


If your second interview is for a fashion-industry job, where the employees looks more like Louis Vuitton models than Gap-outfitted tech employees, you’re going to have to dress the part. You don’t want to look too uptight and corporate, but you still want to be polished and professional. Try opting for a pencil skirt, sleek trousers and a chic blouse. You may always want to add in a few fashion statements, like a designer bag or a bold watch that shows you are capable of being on trend.


If you’re have a second interview at a place where everyone comes to work in jeans and flannels, you don’t want to show up in a black suit—it will signal that you won’t fit in or don’t understand the company culture. But that doesn’t mean you should channel your inner hipster, either. Again, wear something that you would wear if you were starting you first day of work that day. Be sure to wear something that’s comfortable, work-appropriate and represents your personality. Your best options are a nice pair of dark jeans, a simple blouse or sweater, ballet flats, and a small bag with enough room for a note pad, pen, ipad and extra resumes. A casual dress would be appropriate as well.

Good luck out there!

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