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Sunglass Obsession: The Right Fit

Quick, name one item you never leave home without. If you said sunglasses, you’re on the ball. Sunglasses, just as much as your hairstyle, purse or shoes, are a reflection of who you are. Whether it’s summer, fall or winter, sunglasses are always in high demand, which means that you can make 2014-2015 the year of chic eyewear.

The best retailers divide glasses into categories based on the shape of your face, and designers are catching on. You wouldn’t wear a blouse that’s two sizes too big, would you? Well maybe you would. When it comes to sunglasses, fit matters. Heart-shaped faces are best off with cat-eye styles, those with upturned, angular rims that’ll accentuate the contours of your cheekbones. If you’re more of a round-face kind of girl, you want a pair that will work well with your strong jawline. Check your favorite website for a “try before you buy” option to get a taste of what you’re after.

With that in mind, a few of the best producers this year are well aware of comfort and fit while making bold statements. Original Penguin’s “The Pinner” is as much a throwback as it is a comeback for tortoise print. As if pulled from a pin-up calendar starring Betty Paige, “The Pinner” is a pair of glasses that’ll work doubly as a fashion statement and a tinted-tease. They’re also a reminder that retro is still in.

Roberto Cavalli has been making waves in the fashion industry since the 1970s. Cavalli isn’t just a giant in the clothing industry, though. He’s also making sunglasses. Try Cavalli’s mathematically influenced range of hexagonal glasses for this year’s boldest trend, such as the RC797S, a little bit Audrey Hepburn and a little bit new-wave.

You don’t have to dig into your wallet, either. Forever 21 has a wide range of unique prints and styles to match any need – for instance, this year’s floral print pair are a no-brainer accessory to a bold-colored swimming suit for a lay about poolside. At five bucks a pop, you could own a pair for every day of the week.

Don’t be flustered by the variety of glasses available – in the end, it’s what looks good on you that matters.

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