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How to Dress Vintage

Vintage hunting can be just as intimidating as it is rewarding. Aside from the self-curating aspect, the experience is not that much different from your last online shopping spree.

As with every purchase, finding items that build on your unique personal style is key. The standards you have for your new purchases stay true to that of when you are on the hunt for a vintage piece. It doesn’t hurt to know how to move quickly through the aisles of a vintage store; the smells and unpleasant surprises you come across can more frequently be avoided. Practice makes perfect, and starting with classic vintage pieces can provide a great foundation to any wardrobe.


Keep in mind that jean hunting may not always be an immediate find, but usually there is nothing more rewarding than finding an authentic vintage jean. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for Levi’s, Wranglers, Rustler and Lee. Begin your search by looking at washes you’re drawn to. Perhaps you’re into the more lighter wash from the 90s, or maybe a darker and heavier pair is the on that does the job. Whatever it is, stick to your standards and make that your starting point. And as mentioned earlier, vintage shopping is most succesful when gems are found in an effiecient amount of time. Find tricks that help you move faster. The less time you spend in the shop, the less taxing and allergy-inducing the experience.


Finding the perfect blazer requires a few guidelines. To begin, determine the neutral color you’re looking for. Beige or black is a good place to start. Outwear shouldn’t take the spotlight, but accent your ensemble. Next, decide your fit. Are you looking for oversized or tailored? Depending on this, you can pull only those you’re looking to try on. When in the fitting room, make sure to swing your arms forward and to the sides. Your back and underarms shouldn’t feel pulled or uncomfortable. Shoulders should fit directly on your shoulders, not pulled in anyway. Look for designers like Escada, Dior, Carole Little or Ralph Lauren.


When it comes to tees, if you walk away with one lesson remember this: You can never have enough soft-vintage tees. They go with absoltuely everything and can be worn in almost any occasion. Try and avoid obscure text and stains are the number one rule. You can never have enough tees, so don’t hold back. When pursuing the t-shirt aisle, make sure to keep this age appropriate. Too many graphics or images can make you look juvenile. Always envision it as apart of an outfit you already have in mind. This will help you style into your ensembles.


The soft comfort of a button-down shirt is priceless. Here you can have fun with colors and pattern. White, black, orange, plaid or even leopard print can work. Determine the purpose of your button-down. Ask yourself, do you want it as a basic or statement piece. Curate the pieces you try on accordingly. Solid colors will onviously become your staple and patterns will be versatile for a night out or even a date. Look for silk or cotton blends, as these fabrics sit best on the body.

So next time you find yourself wanting something a little more eclectic to add to your wardrobe, vintage is the way to go. Lastly, remember to enjoy the experience. After all, you are bringing each of these pieces back to life.

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