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A Lesson in Layering

Fall is here, temperatures are dropping, and the time for piling on clothes has arrived and, with that, the dreaded fear of looking like an urban Eskimo. Layering can be challenging, as you are combining a variety of materials, textures, prints, and color to achieve a purposeful yet effortless look. But the good news is, there are absolutely no rules and no limits in fashion right now.

Black and navy are the biggest complimentary combination, metallics and sequins are appropriate for a sunny cafe run, leather trim is literally everywhere—including your quilted or tweed sweaters. The perfect fall formula is no longer…the one and only decree we can pass along is to be creative, have confidence, and love feeling good about what you wear.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Pick one statement color

Multiple standout colors tend to compete rather than compliment. Stick with the nudes, grey, blacks, or softer pigments. You can throw in a neon coral or mustard yellow with the neutrals!

Throw in a print or two

Adding a print or two brings a more dynamic and even youthful edge to your look. There are no rules as to what prints to mix, but more importantly, the colors, materials, and size of your prints. Some ideas: stripes, polka-dots, aztec, floral, galaxy, or animal.

Layer different textures

Using textures through the combination of different materials gives versatility and depth. This might be anything from a fur vest, velvet blazer, denim jacket, wool coat, knitted scarfs, silk button ups, and the list goes on!

Use the small accessories

Take advantage of the smaller accessories to help achieve your layered look. Use bulky scarfs, leg warmers, turbans, socks, and tights. You can also use your accessories to incorporate that pop of color or prints!

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