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Slowear: Creating Quality and Ethical Fashion

Over the years, a movement to reconnect people with farmers, and their field with culture, has put the brakes on our fast food, minute-by-minute update-obsessed society. The slow movement, as it is known, has its fans in every medium – including fashion, where Italian brand Slowear has found a foothold by delivering not only trendy and fashion forward designs, but sustainably produced and hardy attire as well.

What began as a search for the perfect pair of pants in 1951 at Incotex in Italy’s Veneto region became a journey to recapture that craftsmanship and a dedication to handmade, quality merchandise when Slowear branched off to become its own brand. Today, 40 percent of Italy’s fashion comes from the Veneto region, an area which includes Venice.

In 2003, Roberto Compagno, the son of the Incotex founder, created Slowear in order to prove that luxury can exists alongside sustainability. “Slow fashion” is almost a rebuke of the fast-paced, high production numbers of major manufacturers; think “Major American Corporation” versus “Small Indie Producer.” What Compagno has managed to do is prove that one needn’t sacrifice artisan quality for fast and reliable quantity.The way Slowear manages this is by keeping parts of their manufacturing process separate. For instance, under the Slowear name is Italian producer Montedor, known for their production of high-quality outerwear, and also Glanshirt and knitwear producer Zanone. All trousers are still labeled as Incotex. These manufacturers continue to produce quality, specialized attire in Italy for Slowear.

Behind the business is an earth-friendly conscience that realizes the effects fast-produced manufacturing can have on the environment. Like the slow movement itself, Slowear reacts to the habits of the fashion industry and is picky about where it sources materials.Most Slowear merchandise is typical of Italian fashion – high quality material, unique designs and hardy. The Incotex Chinos, for example, are a timeless piece to add to your catalog and painstakingly crafted for the perfect fit. If it’s Italian quality you’re after, Slowear is a good addition to a wardrobe that can stand the tests of time.

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