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Best Street Fashion: Oakland

Just a hop over the bay from San Francisco sits Oakland, a multi-cultural hotspot for fashion firsts and trendsetters, specifically the area around Lake Merritt. It wasn’t until the last decade that Oakland starting to become a safe place to live for those who were tired of paying those San Francisco prices. Everyone from Berkeley college students and grads to people who work in the city of San Francisco are proud to call Oakland home. A lot of residents and visitors are starting to compare Oakland to Brooklyn, deeming it the, “Brooklyn by the bay.”

One thing is agreed, don’t confuse an Oakland resident for anything other than what they are – a unique canvas for the many eclectic outlets in the city. A trendy Oaklandian falls somewhere between an urbanite and a hipster, choosing to piece together an outfit based on their favorite musicians, colors and whatever the mood they might find themselves in that day. The great thing about Oakland is the style is diverse, and that it can be whatever you want it to be, which I think is pretty accurate.

The Oakland style is as much defined by creativity as it is by the bright, vibrant colors that define the community. Think chic meets street and you’ve got a picture of the city. Though a bit of tradition is thrown in with modern comfort, the Oakland style isn’t confined by labels.

Check out the patterned vests, the hip-hugging skirts and the jovial accessories on the racks at the city’s many indie boutiques for a mix-and-match style as much your own as it is representative of the diverse culture of Oakland. I think we can all agree that this great city is defined by it’s variety of culture and diversity.

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